HATCHWAY Steel Basement Doors provide the homeowner with low cost convenient exterior access to basements and are suitable for literally every type of home construction.  The line includes the industry's largest selection, with HATCHWAY models specifically designed for original and replacement installations on both flat and sloping foundations.



For any home without exterior access to the basement, a HATCHWAY Steel Basement Door represents an ideal way to more effectively utilize this area for storage, a workshop, or a playroom.  By adding this convenient basement access, traffic through upstairs rooms is reduced, which is a perfect arrangement for households with children.


Low Cost. HATCHWAY Steel Basement Doors are priced lower than comparable models and sizes from other manufacturers.  They are fabricated of heavy gauge hot rolled steel painted with a rust inhibiting red oxide primer.  Overall quality and performance are unsurpassed. Durable Hinge Assembly.  Special heavy duty hinges manufactured from steel bar and welded to the inside of the door panel provide maximum durability and trouble-free performance.
Large Selection.  The HATCHWAY line offers the industry's largest selection.  Two styles and 21 sizes include models for both replacement and original installation on flat and sloping raised foundations.  This assures proper fit, maximum economy and ease of installation. Easy to Open and Close.  Specially designed lift-assist torsion rods which are integral parts of the hinge assembly assure easy opening and closing for the life of the door.
Weather Proof.  Properly installed, a HATCHWAY Steel Basement Door is weatherproof and watertight.  Unlike other manufacturer's designs, the one-piece HATCHWAY header requires no caulking.  A basement entrance guarded by a HATCHWAY Steel Basement Door will always be free of accumulated water, leaves and debris. Security.  HATCHWAY's unique design insures maximum security.  Inside mounting along with interlocking parts prohibits removal of any of the sections from the outside.  (Model H Series)
  Easy Installation.  While many home owners prefer to contract for installation services, HATCHWAY Steel Basement Doors are designed to be easy for the home handyman to install.  Each door is packaged with detailed installation instructions.



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